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Motorcycle Trailer: One of the biggest problems of motorcycle users is the items they want to carry with them on long journeys.Motorcycle trailers have become increasingly popular over time. By using trailers in addition to the standard bags or on their own, you can achieve better capacities.Attaching a trailer is not as difficult as it seems. In Asia, where bicycles and small motorcycles are important means of transport, trailers are widely used to transport goods and people. Even made-to-order trailers are used not only for transporting luggage, but also as a means of advertising.

Motorcycle trailers are connected to the towing vehicle by a detachable trailer hitch and have a one- or two-wheeled axle. The structure is usually attached to a frame, but self-supporting structures are also possible. Various body types are offered, such as flatbed or utility for transporting loads. The net weight of a single-track trailer is usually less than 40 kg, in single-axle trailers it is usually over 55 kg, with a permissible total weight between 80 and 300 kg.




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Motorcycle Trailer, Motocycle Trailer

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