1 - Connector


Our connection is an easy connection with a high safety parameter.

There are 2 safety guards on the fittings, so all risks are avoided.

These can be named as 1- Split pin system 2- Screw pin system.

We have two different connection ways depending on the motor type.

1-Connection from the wheel spindle or the rear:

It can be applied on all motorcycles except scooters. If you inform us about the type, brand and model of the motorcycle you are using and the year of manufacture, we can offer you the healthiest connection system that can be applied.

We connect the trailer to your engine without any drilling.

2-Connection from the chassis:

It is a connection system mostly used in scooter type engines. You will see examples of various applications in the photos on our page.

If there is a bag connection with the brand, model and year of manufacture of the motorcycle, its details are also required.

Additional photographs may be requested.

When you sell your motorcycle and buy a different one, we have "disassembly and assembly" equipments so that you can keep using the same trailer. In this way, you do not need a completely new trailer when changing the motorcycle. Please contact us for more detailed information on the subject.

A cargo solution for your rides.

A carrier you can use for a lifetime.

the perfect setup for all your driving adventures